Book iconYou were promoted because you’re great at your job, but managing other people is a different kettle of fish. It needs a different set of skills. Sound familiar?

It happens to a lot of managers. If you’re lucky you had access to training, but maybe it didn’t cover what you needed, or by the time you needed it you’d forgotten what you learnt.

My SmartPath is a virtual management bootcamp for managers working in the public and not-for-profit sectors. There’s instant advice 24/7, set ‘workouts’ to build your confidence and live classes to network with other managers and exercise those management muscles a bit harder!

Hiding just behind the login screen are hundreds of articles, videos, quizzes and other unique content created by experts with over 120 years’ experience of helping line managers build their confidence.

Create a more confident you

  • Leadership: learn to flex your leadership style and motivate your team in-person and remotely
  • Managing everything: plan for more effective delegation, meetings, projects and more
  • Emotional intelligence: manage your own reactions and build strong relationships with others
  • Communication skills: apply psychological tools and advanced techniques to tackle those difficult conversations
  • Manage conflict: discover how to achieve positive outcomes from uncomfortable situations
  • Work with others: foster inclusive environments and successfully build and manage diverse teams
  • Change: learnt to adapt to change and lead others from resistance to acceptance
  • Take action: analyse problems everyday problems and have confidence in your decision making
  • Developing others & yourself: create a growth mindset and develop your team so they can deliver more
  • Being well: find ways to manage excess stress and help your team grow in public sector or charity workplaces
  • Career planning: take control of your future career

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